Wiggle Bug

Any other momma's have a wiggle bug in their tummy? Andrew has a tendency to be a wiggle worm at the craziest times.. like 3:50 AM every night! or 10:30 am in the morning while I am trying to teach! I read an article that says a baby will sleep roughly 12-14 hours a day in the womb. Sometimes he is moving so much that I think it may only be 6-8 hours! I've figured out too which side he has his feet and arms.. His feet are on my left side and I can tell because they are usually very far left when he starts kicking. Likewise, his arms are just to the right of my belly button. They are much closer to the surface. When he is jabbing his arms it is felt more prominently. I told Scott that Andrew is all ready practicing his martial arts trying to be like mommy and daddy. :)

I have also noticed that he tends to move more whenever Scott is talking. Maybe he is recognizing his voice frequency?! (You know I have to over analyze since I am a science teacher!). But let me tell you the coolest thing that happened today. My sister-in-law Jessie is currently away at college, University of GA (Go Dawgs!). We went to meet her today for lunch. It was seriously a quiet morning for my munchkin since he was not doing his usual wiggling. I told Jessie that we had been feeling Andrew kick for a few weeks now. She was so excited and asked if he was moving. I told her no, then suddenly he gave me a kick as if he was saying, "Nuh-uh mom, I'm awake!". I grabbed her hand and put it on my belly where I had felt him kicking. Of course he was being a good sport and kicked a few more times for his auntie :) She was so excited.. You can only tell from her Facebook post...

Jessie with Scott and Krystal 
I GOT TO FEEL BABY ANDREW KICK TODAY!! So excited to be an aunt. Hurry up, January!! 


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