Delivery for Mr and Mrs...

The doc and what seemed like an army of nurses rushed into my room around 12:10am on Sunday, January 5. Mind you, I had had an epidural in my back and could not feel /move anything below my belly button. I had also just been woken from a nap! With urgency the doctor came to my bedside and tried to move the fetal monitor. He was saying they could not hear Andrew's heart beat for nearly 4 minutes. Since I could not move they literally flipped me several times like a pancake trying to find the heart beat. 

Now let me put you in the room with us. My mom is sitting in the chair in the corner, also just woken up and did not catch the comment about the heart beat. She sees me being flipped around and then is asked to leave the room due to an emergency surgery. My mom is forced to leave and has no idea what is going on. My husband Scott was sitting in the chair next to me in the same shocked state but he is given a set of scrubs to change into. I on the other hand have not said anything, and look completely out of it drugged, but I was processing everything... I knew what was going on. Oh, did I mention the had an oxygen mask on me just in case the baby was lacking oxygen. So now you have an idea of the mess in my room. 

While Scott is in the bathroom changing, the are wheeling my bed out in the hallway towards the emergency c-section room. It was so surreal.. I totally felt like I was on one of those tv medical shows. They wheeled me  into the operation room and I notice all the bright lights thinking to myself I hope they put me out! A group of nurses lifted me onto the operation table. My hands were strapped down and the anesthesiologist added some pain medication to my IV drip. I heard the doctor say, "We're ready", but I must have had a worried look on my face because a nurse told me my husband would be there any second. Scott finally walks in and is told not to touch anything blue (which was almost everything except the stool by my head lol. He sat down and started to tell me how much he loved me. I knew he wasn't sure if it was just the baby or a problem with me as well but he was scared. 

I could feel almost everything.. I felt the touch not the pain. In fact I distinctly told Scott get your phone out, Andrew is almost here. Right then the doctor said the same thing to him, "Baby is almost out take out your camera!". I smiled. Somehow I knew Andrew was ok. He was a wiggle worm from the start and I knew he had just moved in a position they couldn't hear him. At 12:40 am Andrew Charles was born into this world at 8 pounds, 6 ounces, and 21 inches long :)

Daddy was the first to hold him! It was so incredible and surreal to see him. I knew everything would be ok.


  1. Aw, Krystal! I teared up reading this. I am so happy for your little family & especially you for being a super woman during long labor & chaotic delivery. Praise the Lord for health & the miracle of Baby Andrew!


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