December Blues

December came along and yes... It was the longest month ever. My suggestion... Stop reading so many blogs and articles about going into labor... Remember.. My due date is Jan 4 (the 40 week mark) however all of these sites are saying anytime after 37 weeks is free game for labor. So here was my December...

I was working/teaching until December 19 and it was miserable! My feet and hands were swollen, I barely slept, and my motivation had flown out the door. On top of the pregnancy, I was also the schools science fair coordinator! Needless to say I earned my winter break ;). Being so far along I was constantly irritable (though I think I hid it well lol). I was definitely on my last straw with some of my kids (my students) and even some fellow teachers. I know I wanted to check out but it wasn't time. Each week I also continued to go to the doctor for the check up. Sadly I looked forward to leaving school early for these! 

But it was always a disappointment. One week I had no dilation, no efface net. The following week I had dilated a fingertip. The suggestion they gave was to walk, and trust me when I say I walked.. The worst part was the comment when leaving the appointments - here's your appointment card for next week, let us know if we need to cancel if baby comes! 

So let's fast forward the misery lol.. December 19 my grandmother and uncle were flying in from out of town. They came to spend the holidays with us, celebrate my birthday on Jan 2, and hopefully see our baby boy before going home. Mind you, my grandmother is the last living grandparent that my hubby and I have. Day after day I went to see them, ate delicious foods, went to the mall to walk countless times, and finished last minute Christmas shopping. I did enjoy myself but it was always in the back of my head.. The misery. And to be honest it was unnecessary. Christmas came and went. Dec 24/25 may have been the only 2 days I truly enjoyed without a negative thought in my head. I rarely left the house without my car since it had my hospital bag, and I would even stay home on occasion because I just wanted to be alone.  I know I'm an introvert but it truly was not like me to do so.  It also did not help that my hubby had to work the majority of the break. 2 weeks came and went without baby Andrew making an appearance. Looking back now I wish I had actually enjoyed the quality time with my family rather than moping. My hubby and mom could tell I was not my usual but it truly is up to you how you decide to take each day. 

It may have been the last couple of days in December when I decided to let it go, that Andrew would be here when he is ready. And that's when I could enjoy my family. 

If you have friends/family that are pregnant please read the post called The Comments! 


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