Music to His Ears

It all started in middle school... It was in my 6th grade class so many years ago that I picked up what would be a major part of my life... My viola! I played in orchestra through high school, college, and even a community orchestra for a few years. It has been just about a year since I last played with a group but very rarely do I go a week without having the urge to play my viola. I pulled it out this afternoon so happy to see it still ready to play! After some tuning I decided to play it a little different. I had decided recently to play some classical music more often to expose Andrew even in the womb. Don't know if he can comprehend but maybe it will help him later, who knows!? Anyway, I sat reclined and placed my viola with the back laying across my belly.   Then I played. I played some scales to remember how amazing it feels to make music, I played an old favorite from JC Bach to remind myself that I can still play flats and sharps, then I broke out my Disney book. I mean... Andrew is going to grow up with Disney classics!!! So I serenaded him with only the best :)
It was cool because I could feel the vibrations from my viola so I knew baby could feel them too, but every time I stopped I could feel him wiggling. It could just be him wondering what in the world that is, but I'll be hopeful that one day he will ask me, "Mommy, can you teach me to play viola?"


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