Andrew Charles

The Reveal was a HUGE Success!!

Our closest friends and family were at the house all trying to sneak a peak at the cake... I overheard many "If I take a pearl out of the side, then maybe we'll see the cake color..." Let me tell you that I wrapped that fondant around the bottom so you could see nothing! It was really funny with everyone asking if we could have cake first then dinner, but we made them wait :)

We even had a technique planned to cut the cake with 2 knives and Scott was going to lift the slice so no one would get a glimpse of the cake. It was so cool though when we lifted the BLUE slice and everyone cheered! What made the night too was surprising everyone with the name.
Scott and I had been debating on names. If it was a girl she would be Ellie Marie, and if it was a boy we were between Luke and Cameron. Well to be honest I really liked Cameron and Scott didn't. BUT at the same time, he really LOVED Luke and I just liked it. So I told him to make a list of the top 20 names he liked for boys (this was after the Thursday we found out about gender).  We spent a good hour looking through sites and books at names making our lists. When it came to it I wrote down the top 8 names we both shared on our list. Then we whittled it down to the top 5. It truly is a major decision but to be honest we both love Andrew and found an awesome meaning behind it that neither one of us thought of. The majority of our names were Bibically based... well Andrew was the first disciple chosen by Jesus along with Simon Peter. It was only fitting that we named our first baby boy Andrew, as he will also be raised in a strong Christian family. The middle name Charles comes from Scott's side. Scott, his father, and grandfather all shared the same middle name, and we saw it fit to continue the tradition. As my father-in-law put it... I'll just call him AC.. Just makes me chuckle :)


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