Of course everyone is asking about the baby shower... that is tba shortly (still working out some final details!). However we are registered at Target and Babies R Us! I keep adding items as I figure them out or some suggest but I'm not the type to keep checking if someone purchased stuff.. To be honest, I think it ruins the surprise and fun of the shower!
Anyway, we are doing his nursery to a sort of night theme. The fan has spaceships and stars. The walls will have stars on them and several of the crib items we selected were stars as well. We are looking at blue/light gray/red as our colors. There are some baby animals around the room but it is not a zoo/jungle theme. Andrew does also have several red DAWG items.. Be prepared UGA to have a baby Dawg cheering for you! As far as the bathroom is concerned, we are looking to design it sort of an ocean/whales theme. It will simple and cute!


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