Where Did My Toes Go?!

It's so crazy to think I have been carrying this baby for six and a half months! This past week I went with a friend to a consignment sale for baby items. I lucked out and got several really cute toys, books, and a few items that I hadn't actually thought about putting on the registry! So that night as I sat showing my hubby the prizes I had acquired it only added to our excitement. Its a very intimate time, especially if you are close with your spouse. Scott and I are truly enjoying each others company and growing our love for Andrew. I have no doubt Scott will be an amazing father!
So as we were leaving his nursery I was looking down our little balcony at my dog below. Scott made a comment regarding how big my tummy has grown. I looked down admiring God's work. Scott then said, "How long has it been since you last saw your feet?" I totally started laughing! I had no idea! I had joked about it with him when I found out I was pregnant but who knew time would fly so fast I wouldn't even notice that I couldn't see my feet!

I will say, those that know me are so excited about the size of my belly and how big it has grown (I'll post a picture soon!). Those that don't know me well... well they think I am really small for 6.5 months :)


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