Baby Blues

What an amazing few weeks it has been! We found out our little munchkin is going to be a boy, and boy does that make shopping easier! I've all ready purchased a few larger onesies for next summer (larger sizes) as now all the summer clothes is on sale. And let me tell you they are so stinking cute!! Scott and I are about 95% done with our registries too.

We decided on Target and Babies R Us to provide a good variety of items at various prices.
Mom has also started planning the baby shower!! Details to come later...
I also finally told my students. It was inevitable seeing as my tummy is sticking out so much :) They were all cheering and very excited asking if it was a boy or girl. For the most part they are all being very sweet about it! 

This past Saturday we also went to the Yellow Daisy Festival in Stone Mtn, GA. To be honest, Scott and I get most of our gifts at these festivals because they are unique and more meaningful. Well we went with his parents and found some super adorable baby things. We bought a tummy time rug, puppy blanket, Mickey Mouse tooth fairy pillow, a wooden airplane puzzle, and few other things that little boys need that you won't find on a registry ;)


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