Thursday, January 29, 2015

Delivery for Mr and Mrs...

The doc and what seemed like an army of nurses rushed into my room around 12:10am on Sunday, January 5. Mind you, I had had an epidural in my back and could not feel /move anything below my belly button. I had also just been woken from a nap! With urgency the doctor came to my bedside and tried to move the fetal monitor. He was saying they could not hear Andrew's heart beat for nearly 4 minutes. Since I could not move they literally flipped me several times like a pancake trying to find the heart beat. 

Now let me put you in the room with us. My mom is sitting in the chair in the corner, also just woken up and did not catch the comment about the heart beat. She sees me being flipped around and then is asked to leave the room due to an emergency surgery. My mom is forced to leave and has no idea what is going on. My husband Scott was sitting in the chair next to me in the same shocked state but he is given a set of scrubs to change into. I on the other hand have not said anything, and look completely out of it drugged, but I was processing everything... I knew what was going on. Oh, did I mention the had an oxygen mask on me just in case the baby was lacking oxygen. So now you have an idea of the mess in my room. 

While Scott is in the bathroom changing, the are wheeling my bed out in the hallway towards the emergency c-section room. It was so surreal.. I totally felt like I was on one of those tv medical shows. They wheeled me  into the operation room and I notice all the bright lights thinking to myself I hope they put me out! A group of nurses lifted me onto the operation table. My hands were strapped down and the anesthesiologist added some pain medication to my IV drip. I heard the doctor say, "We're ready", but I must have had a worried look on my face because a nurse told me my husband would be there any second. Scott finally walks in and is told not to touch anything blue (which was almost everything except the stool by my head lol. He sat down and started to tell me how much he loved me. I knew he wasn't sure if it was just the baby or a problem with me as well but he was scared. 

I could feel almost everything.. I felt the touch not the pain. In fact I distinctly told Scott get your phone out, Andrew is almost here. Right then the doctor said the same thing to him, "Baby is almost out take out your camera!". I smiled. Somehow I knew Andrew was ok. He was a wiggle worm from the start and I knew he had just moved in a position they couldn't hear him. At 12:40 am Andrew Charles was born into this world at 8 pounds, 6 ounces, and 21 inches long :)

Daddy was the first to hold him! It was so incredible and surreal to see him. I knew everything would be ok.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Longest Labor

It all started January 3. Mind you the 2nd was my birthday and I had gone to bed early because I was so tired. Family was also in town and Scott had to work... So as I woke up at 10am on January 3 I had a nice intense pain like a cramp. I laid in bed, changed positions, went to the bathroom, took a shower, walked around the house and the pain wouldn't stop. So I started to panic in my head, more so because I was home alone. I called my mom and she told be that's what a contraction feels like however mine was constant not a come-and-go feeling like it was supposed to be. I called my doula and she told me the same thing about contractions not supposed to be constant. She suggested if it was intense enough I could go to the hospital. So I went. 

Mom drove and we arrived around 11:30am on Saturday. We were in fairly quickly and seeing a triage nurse. I was still dilated only about a centimeter but was starting to efface. They had me walk around for nearly an hour but in the end it was only about 2 centimeters. The contractions started to become more obvious. I was able to distinguish that it was not constant but rather more intense for brief periods. At 2:30pm they sent me home. I was disheartened when the nurse told me to return when the contractions were too strong to stand. That night I sat on a yoga ball,  (I guess my version of a birthing ball) walked stairs, ate spaghetti, and tried every other trick to trigger labor you could think of. But seriously the only thing that works is time. Baby will come out when they are ready! 

Saturday night... It was cold and contractions were more consistent. Let me tell you I was up all night with an exception of a 30 min period around 1am. I watched several movies since I could not sleep. Around 3 I felt what I thought could've been my water break (I think it was a leak) and went to shower. I woke Scott around 4:30am and we went to the hospital about 5:15 in the morning on Sunday, January 4. 

We went through the same process in triage. I was only 3 centimeters dilated when I arrived and they made me walk around again. I was monitored until roughly 7:30am before being admitted into a labor room. I had reached about 4.5 centimeters. Sunday may have been one of the longest days of my life. I walked around on and off for hours. Contractions intensified. I gritted my teeth, clenched my fist, and closed my eyes to deal with the pain. It was not long before they were so intense I couldn't even walk during the short time periods. Everyone recommended to walk as much as possible to speed up the process and push the baby down further. Scott stood and walked by me the entire time. My doula Diane and my mom were also side by side with me. I was supported and I knew I could do it! 

Let's fast forward.. At 11am I measured 6 centimeters and I knew we would be seeing Andrew sooner than later. 

Around 6pm Diane had to leave for another patient who was also in labor. I think emotionally I felt apart at this time. I was physically exhausted and part of my tripod had fallen. Pain started to get more intense but I was still at 6 cm! Andrew was being stubborn but I was exhausted and running out of fuel. I started to cry. I was so frustrated, I had felt like my body had given up but I didn't want to. Scott gave me one of his necklaces with a shield and cross on it. I tried to repeat "I can do all things through Christ" but contractions were so intense I could not think straight. I could only cry. The night nurse Carysa came in at 7pm. I asked for some pain killers and she provided a narcotic. It put me to sleep for nearly an hour and a half, a much needed power nap from the exhaustion. 

This is when we start the real roller coaster. She checked my dilation and I was still at 6.5cm. Carysa and the doc started me on pitocin to increase the contractions to try and break my water. Another hour passed and I was still the same. I wasn't crying at this point but contractions were incredibly painful. 
Finally the doctor was called in - up to this point he was in communication by phone. Doc came in and broke my water... Awkward feeling by the way! I felt dirty, exhausted, and emotionally drained. And again the waiting game. They increased the pitocin again and checked the dilation. I had reached 7cm.  Everyone could see my exhaustion. Doc said he was going to increase the pitocin one last time and contractions were going to be super intense. He highly recommended an epidural which at that pint I was ready to ask for. 

Let me tell you... I had 2 super intense contractions while they put in the epidural and it was one of the most painful and difficult things to stay still while the put in the needle. 

So again.. I fell asleep for a good hour. It was so calm barely feeling the contractions. I think even Scott got some sleep! I had reached 7.5cm by 11:30pm. The doc said we would re-evaluate labor if I was not far enough at 12:30am. They walked out of the room and I fell asleep again. It was barely 15 minutes when a group of nurses and the doc rushed in. The was a problem and labor was becoming delivery. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Comments

 Thinking back, I read an article on this and thought to myself how true it was but I never expected it to happen to me. Friends and family make comments that they feel are harmless or take it as a joke... But remember in the last month of pregnancy a woman has so many hormones going through her it's difficult not to take things personally. I became irritable but my way of handling it was to ignore the comments or keep them bottled up... However it did not mean I was not listening and overthinking it! 

Please refrain from saying comments such as these even if you mean no harm... 
- When are you going to pop?
- You're still pregnant?!
- mentioning the size of the stomach whether big or small - some people told me I looked like I was 7 or 8 months when I was nearly 40 weeks and Andrew was 8 pounds! But I felt like something was wrong with me
- You look like you're going to pop
- You look uncomfortable. (Really...) or You look tired... ( to be honest my close family were the only ones that could say this without me being self conscience) 

Your best bet.. Keep it positive and tell that future momma that she is beautiful and glowing! 

December Blues

December came along and yes... It was the longest month ever. My suggestion... Stop reading so many blogs and articles about going into labor... Remember.. My due date is Jan 4 (the 40 week mark) however all of these sites are saying anytime after 37 weeks is free game for labor. So here was my December...

I was working/teaching until December 19 and it was miserable! My feet and hands were swollen, I barely slept, and my motivation had flown out the door. On top of the pregnancy, I was also the schools science fair coordinator! Needless to say I earned my winter break ;). Being so far along I was constantly irritable (though I think I hid it well lol). I was definitely on my last straw with some of my kids (my students) and even some fellow teachers. I know I wanted to check out but it wasn't time. Each week I also continued to go to the doctor for the check up. Sadly I looked forward to leaving school early for these! 

But it was always a disappointment. One week I had no dilation, no efface net. The following week I had dilated a fingertip. The suggestion they gave was to walk, and trust me when I say I walked.. The worst part was the comment when leaving the appointments - here's your appointment card for next week, let us know if we need to cancel if baby comes! 

So let's fast forward the misery lol.. December 19 my grandmother and uncle were flying in from out of town. They came to spend the holidays with us, celebrate my birthday on Jan 2, and hopefully see our baby boy before going home. Mind you, my grandmother is the last living grandparent that my hubby and I have. Day after day I went to see them, ate delicious foods, went to the mall to walk countless times, and finished last minute Christmas shopping. I did enjoy myself but it was always in the back of my head.. The misery. And to be honest it was unnecessary. Christmas came and went. Dec 24/25 may have been the only 2 days I truly enjoyed without a negative thought in my head. I rarely left the house without my car since it had my hospital bag, and I would even stay home on occasion because I just wanted to be alone.  I know I'm an introvert but it truly was not like me to do so.  It also did not help that my hubby had to work the majority of the break. 2 weeks came and went without baby Andrew making an appearance. Looking back now I wish I had actually enjoyed the quality time with my family rather than moping. My hubby and mom could tell I was not my usual but it truly is up to you how you decide to take each day. 

It may have been the last couple of days in December when I decided to let it go, that Andrew would be here when he is ready. And that's when I could enjoy my family. 

If you have friends/family that are pregnant please read the post called The Comments! 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Third Trimester... All Ready!?

I can't tell you how many times I've told myself that I needed to update this blog this past month. I feel like so little has happened yet so much has happened! I am officially in the third trimester which is dumbfounding! Andrew is definitely becoming a reality.. especially with less than 10 weeks left everyone is telling me  to pack the hospital bag. Woah. It's definitely time! I mean only God knows when it will be Andrew's time! Well today I am 31.5 weeks and counting. Our baby shower (details to come shortly!) will be next Saturday. I've given myself the deadline. By Saturday night I will have my hospital bag packed just in case!

He continues to move allll over the place. My nurse told me to start counting kicks. It seems almost dumb to count with how often he is moving. I love it though, I can't wait to meet my baby boy. It actually makes me a little sad to think how much longer I have, but I know time will fly. I just need to think there are about 3 weeks to Thanksgiving and we'll be a few weeks after that!

I know this is supposed to be about Andrew, but let me brag about my hubby for a second.. The further along I've been, the more selfless he is. Scott is so wonderful and his actions reminds me even more why I married him! I know we're both nervous about being first time parents but I can't tell you enough about how amazing of a father he will be!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Side Effects

I have been blessed so far to have a fairly smooth pregnancy. First trimester I was nauseous but did not get sick. I also had to limit what I ate because my stomach was a little sensitive. Second trimester started really smooth with an ever increasing appetite! It wasn't until a few weeks ago I've truly started getting some side effects and its about the time my belly has really started showing. I do feel my hands and feet swelling often (not super rough but enough to sit me down!) I am also out of breath very easily... even just from talking! I'll catch myself lecturing in my classroom and have to stop talking for a second to catch my breath, and I'm sure the kids are thinking 'what in the world'! I've started getting lower back aches in the afternoons.. looking for some free online prenatal yoga videos if anyone can suggest one! Sometimes my shoulders will hurt too.. though I think that's just from sleeping on my sides.  The worst one though is having to use the bathroom all the time. Its not a luxury for me as a teacher. I don't have another adult in the room with me, nor do I have a classroom next door that has easy access for a teacher to watch my class. Its a 3.5 hour block after lunch that I try to hold. Sometimes I am fortunate that another teacher will walk by but otherwise... its tough! I can also feel my energy level overall draining. I'm really curious about how 3rd trimester will be since it is just around the corner!


Of course everyone is asking about the baby shower... that is tba shortly (still working out some final details!). However we are registered at Target and Babies R Us! I keep adding items as I figure them out or some suggest but I'm not the type to keep checking if someone purchased stuff.. To be honest, I think it ruins the surprise and fun of the shower!
Anyway, we are doing his nursery to a sort of night theme. The fan has spaceships and stars. The walls will have stars on them and several of the crib items we selected were stars as well. We are looking at blue/light gray/red as our colors. There are some baby animals around the room but it is not a zoo/jungle theme. Andrew does also have several red DAWG items.. Be prepared UGA to have a baby Dawg cheering for you! As far as the bathroom is concerned, we are looking to design it sort of an ocean/whales theme. It will simple and cute!