The Longest Labor

It all started January 3. Mind you the 2nd was my birthday and I had gone to bed early because I was so tired. Family was also in town and Scott had to work... So as I woke up at 10am on January 3 I had a nice intense pain like a cramp. I laid in bed, changed positions, went to the bathroom, took a shower, walked around the house and the pain wouldn't stop. So I started to panic in my head, more so because I was home alone. I called my mom and she told be that's what a contraction feels like however mine was constant not a come-and-go feeling like it was supposed to be. I called my doula and she told me the same thing about contractions not supposed to be constant. She suggested if it was intense enough I could go to the hospital. So I went. 

Mom drove and we arrived around 11:30am on Saturday. We were in fairly quickly and seeing a triage nurse. I was still dilated only about a centimeter but was starting to efface. They had me walk around for nearly an hour but in the end it was only about 2 centimeters. The contractions started to become more obvious. I was able to distinguish that it was not constant but rather more intense for brief periods. At 2:30pm they sent me home. I was disheartened when the nurse told me to return when the contractions were too strong to stand. That night I sat on a yoga ball,  (I guess my version of a birthing ball) walked stairs, ate spaghetti, and tried every other trick to trigger labor you could think of. But seriously the only thing that works is time. Baby will come out when they are ready! 

Saturday night... It was cold and contractions were more consistent. Let me tell you I was up all night with an exception of a 30 min period around 1am. I watched several movies since I could not sleep. Around 3 I felt what I thought could've been my water break (I think it was a leak) and went to shower. I woke Scott around 4:30am and we went to the hospital about 5:15 in the morning on Sunday, January 4. 

We went through the same process in triage. I was only 3 centimeters dilated when I arrived and they made me walk around again. I was monitored until roughly 7:30am before being admitted into a labor room. I had reached about 4.5 centimeters. Sunday may have been one of the longest days of my life. I walked around on and off for hours. Contractions intensified. I gritted my teeth, clenched my fist, and closed my eyes to deal with the pain. It was not long before they were so intense I couldn't even walk during the short time periods. Everyone recommended to walk as much as possible to speed up the process and push the baby down further. Scott stood and walked by me the entire time. My doula Diane and my mom were also side by side with me. I was supported and I knew I could do it! 

Let's fast forward.. At 11am I measured 6 centimeters and I knew we would be seeing Andrew sooner than later. 

Around 6pm Diane had to leave for another patient who was also in labor. I think emotionally I felt apart at this time. I was physically exhausted and part of my tripod had fallen. Pain started to get more intense but I was still at 6 cm! Andrew was being stubborn but I was exhausted and running out of fuel. I started to cry. I was so frustrated, I had felt like my body had given up but I didn't want to. Scott gave me one of his necklaces with a shield and cross on it. I tried to repeat "I can do all things through Christ" but contractions were so intense I could not think straight. I could only cry. The night nurse Carysa came in at 7pm. I asked for some pain killers and she provided a narcotic. It put me to sleep for nearly an hour and a half, a much needed power nap from the exhaustion. 

This is when we start the real roller coaster. She checked my dilation and I was still at 6.5cm. Carysa and the doc started me on pitocin to increase the contractions to try and break my water. Another hour passed and I was still the same. I wasn't crying at this point but contractions were incredibly painful. 
Finally the doctor was called in - up to this point he was in communication by phone. Doc came in and broke my water... Awkward feeling by the way! I felt dirty, exhausted, and emotionally drained. And again the waiting game. They increased the pitocin again and checked the dilation. I had reached 7cm.  Everyone could see my exhaustion. Doc said he was going to increase the pitocin one last time and contractions were going to be super intense. He highly recommended an epidural which at that pint I was ready to ask for. 

Let me tell you... I had 2 super intense contractions while they put in the epidural and it was one of the most painful and difficult things to stay still while the put in the needle. 

So again.. I fell asleep for a good hour. It was so calm barely feeling the contractions. I think even Scott got some sleep! I had reached 7.5cm by 11:30pm. The doc said we would re-evaluate labor if I was not far enough at 12:30am. They walked out of the room and I fell asleep again. It was barely 15 minutes when a group of nurses and the doc rushed in. The was a problem and labor was becoming delivery. 


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