The Comments

 Thinking back, I read an article on this and thought to myself how true it was but I never expected it to happen to me. Friends and family make comments that they feel are harmless or take it as a joke... But remember in the last month of pregnancy a woman has so many hormones going through her it's difficult not to take things personally. I became irritable but my way of handling it was to ignore the comments or keep them bottled up... However it did not mean I was not listening and overthinking it! 

Please refrain from saying comments such as these even if you mean no harm... 
- When are you going to pop?
- You're still pregnant?!
- mentioning the size of the stomach whether big or small - some people told me I looked like I was 7 or 8 months when I was nearly 40 weeks and Andrew was 8 pounds! But I felt like something was wrong with me
- You look like you're going to pop
- You look uncomfortable. (Really...) or You look tired... ( to be honest my close family were the only ones that could say this without me being self conscience) 

Your best bet.. Keep it positive and tell that future momma that she is beautiful and glowing! 


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