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Third Trimester... All Ready!?

I can't tell you how many times I've told myself that I needed to update this blog this past month. I feel like so little has happened yet so much has happened! I am officially in the third trimester which is dumbfounding! Andrew is definitely becoming a reality.. especially with less than 10 weeks left everyone is telling me  to pack the hospital bag. Woah. It's definitely time! I mean only God knows when it will be Andrew's time! Well today I am 31.5 weeks and counting. Our baby shower (details to come shortly!) will be next Saturday. I've given myself the deadline. By Saturday night I will have my hospital bag packed just in case!

He continues to move allll over the place. My nurse told me to start counting kicks. It seems almost dumb to count with how often he is moving. I love it though, I can't wait to meet my baby boy. It actually makes me a little sad to think how much longer I have, but I know time will fly. I just need to think there are about 3 week…