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Side Effects

I have been blessed so far to have a fairly smooth pregnancy. First trimester I was nauseous but did not get sick. I also had to limit what I ate because my stomach was a little sensitive. Second trimester started really smooth with an ever increasing appetite! It wasn't until a few weeks ago I've truly started getting some side effects and its about the time my belly has really started showing. I do feel my hands and feet swelling often (not super rough but enough to sit me down!) I am also out of breath very easily... even just from talking! I'll catch myself lecturing in my classroom and have to stop talking for a second to catch my breath, and I'm sure the kids are thinking 'what in the world'! I've started getting lower back aches in the afternoons.. looking for some free online prenatal yoga videos if anyone can suggest one! Sometimes my shoulders will hurt too.. though I think that's just from sleeping on my sides.  The worst one though is having…


Of course everyone is asking about the baby shower... that is tba shortly (still working out some final details!). However we are registered at Target and Babies R Us! I keep adding items as I figure them out or some suggest but I'm not the type to keep checking if someone purchased stuff.. To be honest, I think it ruins the surprise and fun of the shower!
Anyway, we are doing his nursery to a sort of night theme. The fan has spaceships and stars. The walls will have stars on them and several of the crib items we selected were stars as well. We are looking at blue/light gray/red as our colors. There are some baby animals around the room but it is not a zoo/jungle theme. Andrew does also have several red DAWG items.. Be prepared UGA to have a baby Dawg cheering for you! As far as the bathroom is concerned, we are looking to design it sort of an ocean/whales theme. It will simple and cute!

Where Did My Toes Go?!

It's so crazy to think I have been carrying this baby for six and a half months! This past week I went with a friend to a consignment sale for baby items. I lucked out and got several really cute toys, books, and a few items that I hadn't actually thought about putting on the registry! So that night as I sat showing my hubby the prizes I had acquired it only added to our excitement. Its a very intimate time, especially if you are close with your spouse. Scott and I are truly enjoying each others company and growing our love for Andrew. I have no doubt Scott will be an amazing father!
So as we were leaving his nursery I was looking down our little balcony at my dog below. Scott made a comment regarding how big my tummy has grown. I looked down admiring God's work. Scott then said, "How long has it been since you last saw your feet?" I totally started laughing! I had no idea! I had joked about it with him when I found out I was pregnant but who knew time would fly …

Music to His Ears

It all started in middle school... It was in my 6th grade class so many years ago that I picked up what would be a major part of my life... My viola! I played in orchestra through high school, college, and even a community orchestra for a few years. It has been just about a year since I last played with a group but very rarely do I go a week without having the urge to play my viola. I pulled it out this afternoon so happy to see it still ready to play! After some tuning I decided to play it a little different. I had decided recently to play some classical music more often to expose Andrew even in the womb. Don't know if he can comprehend but maybe it will help him later, who knows!? Anyway, I sat reclined and placed my viola with the back laying across my belly.   Then I played. I played some scales to remember how amazing it feels to make music, I played an old favorite from JC Bach to remind myself that I can still play flats and sharps, then I broke out my Disney book. I mean..…

Wiggle Bug

Any other momma's have a wiggle bug in their tummy? Andrew has a tendency to be a wiggle worm at the craziest times.. like 3:50 AM every night! or 10:30 am in the morning while I am trying to teach! I read an article that says a baby will sleep roughly 12-14 hours a day in the womb. Sometimes he is moving so much that I think it may only be 6-8 hours! I've figured out too which side he has his feet and arms.. His feet are on my left side and I can tell because they are usually very far left when he starts kicking. Likewise, his arms are just to the right of my belly button. They are much closer to the surface. When he is jabbing his arms it is felt more prominently. I told Scott that Andrew is all ready practicing his martial arts trying to be like mommy and daddy. :)

I have also noticed that he tends to move more whenever Scott is talking. Maybe he is recognizing his voice frequency?! (You know I have to over analyze since I am a science teacher!). But let me tell you the coo…

Baby Blues

What an amazing few weeks it has been! We found out our little munchkin is going to be a boy, and boy does that make shopping easier! I've all ready purchased a few larger onesies for next summer (larger sizes) as now all the summer clothes is on sale. And let me tell you they are so stinking cute!! Scott and I are about 95% done with our registries too.
We decided on Target and Babies R Us to provide a good variety of items at various prices.
Mom has also started planning the baby shower!! Details to come later...
I also finally told my students. It was inevitable seeing as my tummy is sticking out so much :) They were all cheering and very excited asking if it was a boy or girl. For the most part they are all being very sweet about it! 
This past Saturday we also went to the Yellow Daisy Festival in Stone Mtn, GA. To be honest, Scott and I get most of our gifts at these festivals because they are unique and more meaningful. Well we went with his parents and found some super a…

Andrew Charles

The Reveal was a HUGE Success!!

Our closest friends and family were at the house all trying to sneak a peak at the cake... I overheard many "If I take a pearl out of the side, then maybe we'll see the cake color..." Let me tell you that I wrapped that fondant around the bottom so you could see nothing! It was really funny with everyone asking if we could have cake first then dinner, but we made them wait :)

We even had a technique planned to cut the cake with 2 knives and Scott was going to lift the slice so no one would get a glimpse of the cake. It was so cool though when we lifted the BLUE slice and everyone cheered! What made the night too was surprising everyone with the name.
Scott and I had been debating on names. If it was a girl she would be Ellie Marie, and if it was a boy we were between Luke and Cameron. Well to be honest I really liked Cameron and Scott didn't. BUT at the same time, he really LOVED Luke and I just liked it. So I told him to make a list of…