Side Effects

I have been blessed so far to have a fairly smooth pregnancy. First trimester I was nauseous but did not get sick. I also had to limit what I ate because my stomach was a little sensitive. Second trimester started really smooth with an ever increasing appetite! It wasn't until a few weeks ago I've truly started getting some side effects and its about the time my belly has really started showing. I do feel my hands and feet swelling often (not super rough but enough to sit me down!) I am also out of breath very easily... even just from talking! I'll catch myself lecturing in my classroom and have to stop talking for a second to catch my breath, and I'm sure the kids are thinking 'what in the world'! I've started getting lower back aches in the afternoons.. looking for some free online prenatal yoga videos if anyone can suggest one! Sometimes my shoulders will hurt too.. though I think that's just from sleeping on my sides.  The worst one though is having to use the bathroom all the time. Its not a luxury for me as a teacher. I don't have another adult in the room with me, nor do I have a classroom next door that has easy access for a teacher to watch my class. Its a 3.5 hour block after lunch that I try to hold. Sometimes I am fortunate that another teacher will walk by but otherwise... its tough! I can also feel my energy level overall draining. I'm really curious about how 3rd trimester will be since it is just around the corner!


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