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You Called Me What?!

My grandmother and a majority of my mothers family is in Puerto Rico! I wanted to fly out while I was still early in pregnancy to visit them. Scott and I found tickets to go the second week of July. The flight was not bad, I think the worst was the landing... You know the feeling when you are descending and the pilot takes a quick drop and your stomach goes into your upper chest?!? Well.. that feels even more weird with a baby in there! I just began my 2nd trimester and just starting to show a little bump. Only those who know my petite size would know I was not fat! Needless to say the whole trip was an experiment. Up until this point I was having trouble eating, not keeping it down but eating a lot of food. My doctor even told me I needed to eat more to gain some weight! It was a request I could not deny with all the delicious home cooked meals! After my return trip, I can safely say I had gained 2 pounds :).

Several days I lounged around on a porch hammock, drank fresh pineapple jui…