You Called Me What?!

My grandmother and a majority of my mothers family is in Puerto Rico! I wanted to fly out while I was still early in pregnancy to visit them. Scott and I found tickets to go the second week of July. The flight was not bad, I think the worst was the landing... You know the feeling when you are descending and the pilot takes a quick drop and your stomach goes into your upper chest?!? Well.. that feels even more weird with a baby in there! I just began my 2nd trimester and just starting to show a little bump. Only those who know my petite size would know I was not fat! Needless to say the whole trip was an experiment. Up until this point I was having trouble eating, not keeping it down but eating a lot of food. My doctor even told me I needed to eat more to gain some weight! It was a request I could not deny with all the delicious home cooked meals! After my return trip, I can safely say I had gained 2 pounds :).

Several days I lounged around on a porch hammock, drank fresh pineapple juice, and enjoyed a wonderful excursion to some of my favorite beaches! If you've ever been, Scott and I went to see El Morro, Arecibo Observatory, the Bacardi Plant (I was good, no drinks!),  Plaza Las Americas, just to name a few things.. We truly enjoyed the entire trip!

But the funniest things... you know its the stuff that happens unexpected that makes the trip, the memories!
We went to visit a great aunt and great uncle. My family is fond of me being the eldest child in the family.. So they were saying how beautiful I was (Haven't seen them in maybe 6 years!) and we get to talking. My aunt asked my mom in Spanish if I had gained weight because I looked  a little fat! I started laughing and my mom told her I was pregnant. It was so off topic and we were caught off guard I think it made my week :)

The funniest thing for Scott.. I have to share because I am even smiling as I write this.. so we rented a 4 door Jeep - no better way to travel around a tropical island! We rented a Jeep and I used my phones map app to navigate our way around to different locations. I would tell Scott to get off the exit in 2 miles; My mom sat in the back and would tell Scott to take the next exit. He would panic thinking whether to listen to his wife or mother-in-law! It gets better... So after 2 day of this we add my grandmother into the mix...
We are traveling south along the east coast. My GPS says to go 4 miles on the highway, my mom is not quite sure which exit, and my grandmother says to take the next exit super quiet from the back seat. We were headed to my aunts house and she lived maybe 15 minutes from where we supposedly were. I told Scott to listen to Grandma as she has been here for so long. He makes a u-turn and we head back to the last exit. That night after we visited my aunt, we are heading home and it is 11:30 at night! We finally reach a bakery that Scott and I recognize. I turn off the GPS and told Scott to head straight. My grandmother stated that he needed to turn right. Mind you we knew where to go from here. We started laughing and I told Scott to just turn. My mom says in Spanish, "Not this way, we are going to over the muertos", which translates we are going over the dead... AKA speed bumps! I was like, "What muertos?!?". Grandma stated to drive over them slowly... Oh lordy, what a night! Needless to say we made it home that night, and baby returned home safe to Georgia :)


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