I know it's been a while since I've posted, but honestly, life has been so hectic! I am a mom of two, a full-time teacher, and a full-time graduate student! I wouldn't change any of these things! What I have been thinking about lately is my #mombod. After this last pregnancy, I developed diastasis recti (DR), which is when your recti muscles split from the abdominal wall. In fact, I actually developed an umbilical hernia (removed about 3 weeks ago) due to my stomach weakness. It's really put me in a bind. Though it has been nearly ten years since I could say I was in the best shape of my life, I was pretty fit pre-baby. Throw in the mixture of DR I had no idea how to exercise that would strengthen my core. Though I don't think I eat terribly in terms of what I eat, I know I can overeat and I am hooked on soda.
To say the least... I was, I am self-conscience about my body. It takes my wonderful hubby to remind me that I have had two c-sections and have two beautiful babies. My body is a testimony of that. He definitely earned major brownie points for that ❤! Now healing from my hernia surgery, I am definitely planning on strengthening my core but I am not focusing on my beautiful creations rather than the scars and loose skin that distract me from what is truly important. Whether or not I will be in a bikini soon... maybe not quite, but you will see me at the pool!
I stumbled upon this video on Facebook from Allure magazine of a mom's story of maidenform to mommyform. It is truly inspiring... if you are in fact looking at your body, focus on your beautiful creations rather than what the world wants you to focus on!



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