Camo or Pearls for a Boy or a Girl!

Countdown is set for August 21, that is... if baby decides to reveal their parts! Scott and I are so excited about finding out the gender. We are both heavy planners and truly cant imagine a big difference between waiting til now or waiting until the baby comes out. We did start our registry though and it was definitely difficult to pick out things seeing as there were such limited number of neutral items available. (I'm not going to list the registry locations until we have completed the registries!)

It's been fun trying to joke about the gender. We both wanted a girl, and I truly wouldn't mind one but something just makes me feel like its a boy. Who knows?! Regardless we have been mad planning a mini reveal for close family. We've asked the guests to wear pink if they think its going to be a girl or blue for a boy! It should be lots of fun too with our theme of Camo or Pearls (and we mean military camo!). I won't reveal too many details now though.. you know how I am about doing surprises!

I will tell you something exciting though... I've been feeling the baby move! It just happened these past couple weeks and only once maybe twice a day but baby has been pushing on my abdomen. Such a weird feeling but so cool at the same time! Scott still hasn't felt it but I can't imagine it will be long before he does!!


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