The Reveal!!

This is it, today is the day! Scott and I found out on Thursday morning. I was so thankful that baby cooperated.. AND they were perfectly healthy :). We saw the 4 chamber heart, a healthy digestion tract, and even a silhouette of the face. Baby was trying to cover the face at one point with its hands! The cutest part was when she (the nurse) zoomed in to see the lips, to ensure no cleft lip, and baby yawned! My heart melted. It's still so surreal that little sweetheart is inside. I have finally reached 5 months (21 weeks) this week and there is no doubt I am prego! No more hiding or wearing normal clothes either.

As I sit here typing we are within 1.5 hours of the reveal party. It is so exciting and everyone has been trying to guess the gender. We've asked everyone to wear pink or red. Scott is wearing camo colors and I am wearing white/pearls (to go with the theme). We were up until 2am last night making the cake.. and trust me when I say I will NEVER use fondant again.. at least pre-made! I'll post a few pictures later on of the decoration we made and used. It was pretty difficult to find ideas on Pinterest as most of the camo is for hunting not military. We also created guess cards for guests to write down a snippet of information they guess about baby. The reveal will probably take place about midway. And the reason...

We are doing a cake color reveal. Cake is typically done at the end of a party but think once the gender is revealed everyone is going to be asking questions and pre-planning like us! So instead of waiting til the end to cut the cake and spend another hour talking, we are cutting the cake a little bit earlier!

Needless I am super excited and I can't wait to post some pictures for you all to see!!


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