Onesie, Twosie, Threesie...

It's truly amazing to think about how loved this baby is going to be! I need to publicly say thank you to some really awesome family and friends..

After we came from Puerto Rico we had 1 week to empty my old office. My nursery furniture had all ready been ordered and the room was still full of well crap! Needless to say my week long cleaning frenzy was shortened further. What would be the point of receiving the nursery furniture if the room was not painted? Fortunately I had some help from my brother and cousin to empty out my office in a matter of a few hours! Then, the entire rest of the weekend was spent painting the nursery from a bright, bright red to a nice neutral light gray! The furniture, (purchased by baby's grandparents!) is ready to go. I'll post some pictures but you'll have to wait a few months for the baby shower :)

Along with the furniture, Baby's collection of onesies are growing! A good friend of mine bought one that says I Heart NY, our Aunt sent a set of Rockies Onesies from Colorado, my mom bought Baby 2 gender neutral bear onesies (I helped pick them out!!), and we bought a little shirt from Puerto Rico. It's so incredible to think how tiny these clothes are!!


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