To Plan or Not To Plan

One of the first questions I am asked... was it planned? Well, lets just say we weren't actively trying but we weren't not trying if you know what I mean! But Scott and I believe everything happens on God's time... let me tell you my story...

I was working at a pretty rough middle school in Atlanta. Needless to stay even with the stress I brought home I even endured a 1.5 hour commute each way. I knew it was time for a change. Scott and I decided to take a pay cut by me transferring to the local school system. I applied on December 27, 2014 when I saw a newspaper article saying the district would hire almost 800 science and special ed teachers for the following year. March 7, I received my renewal contract for my school in Atlanta. We were given 10 days to sign and return the contract or it would be void. My interview for the new district was scheduled for March 22. Scott was pretty stressed! If I didn't return the contract I would not be guaranteed a job, but if I returned it I would be stuck another year. If you know me, you know I didn't return it! Funny thing though I had so much peace knowing God was going to make everything work.

March 22 I showed up at the job fair at 8:30 in the morning. My interview was scheduled for 11:30 am but I was hoping to jump into a couple extra slots. Let me tell you that the district was so well organized I sat and waited for my interview. 11:30 came and I went to speak with a principal. It was daunting to interview but I feel as if the every word lured them in closer and closer. The principal finally told me he had no science positions open, HOWEVER he went straight to another principal and told him he HAD to interview me!
Needless to say, as they were tearing down the job fair and I interviewed with this principal I was one of the few hired on the spot. :)

So back to my focus... God provided me with a new, close position for this upcoming year and definitely in a less stressful environment.

April 30 mom and I went to see a play (Don't Dress for Dinner) which was so hilarious! I drank a cool Woodchuck Pear and ate some delicious catering from La Cazuela. It was roughly 10:30pm when I got home getting ready for bed, but something felt off. I'm not sure what it was but it didn't feel right. I took a test. It was one of those ClearBlue with the words not the lines. I took a look after my shower and it said pregnant. I kind of stared with a million emotions hitting me at the same time... shock, excitement, happiness, scared, anxious. I went over to Scott who had been asleep for a while all ready (he was leaving for Army training that next morning at 4am for almost a month!). I woke him up and pulled him into the restroom where the stick lay. He kind of looked and it and went back to bed. I kind of laughed because I knew he was probably half asleep, but I knew he would see it in the morning.

Scott woke me up to say goodbye and asked me, "What are we going to do?" I told him I could get a couple of tests to verify but we agreed to keep it a secret until he got back.. but that will be the next post!


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