The Big Reveals!

Just as everyone wants to read about how we revealed to our friends and family about Baby Shearon, Scott and I kept this at the forefront of our discussions while he was away. It was the perfect plan to tell them at a potluck dinner upon his return to celebrate completion of his training. Of course parents have to make it more complicated!!

One of our good friends (actually in the hospital right now delivering an angel of their own!) works for an embroidery/shirt printing company. Between her and I we designed shirts to use for the reveal. The shirts were blue to match our wedding colors, and baseball style lettering to embody a team spirit for the baby. Each one had the respective persons title (like ours to the left).
Now after having everyone agree to a potluck, my parents decided to go camping that same weekend Scott was returning. They pleaded for us to join. So here's what we ended up doing...

Friday night we went out to eat with his parents. I had rolled the shirts and tied them with a ribbon. Scott handed them out to make them believe it was an army shirt he brought back as a gift. Meanwhile I had my phone out pretending to text but actually recording! His parents were priceless! I'm pretty sure dad was speechless and mom had the cutest laugh! Grandparents #1, done.

Saturday morning we drove up to Lake Lanier with his parents to see his little sister Jessie at her last rowing competition of the year. We found Jessie taking a little nap near the boats conserving her energy for the race. She got up to give Scott a hug and he gave her the shirt. Again, she thought it was a military shirt and opened it. She kind of starred for a second and asked if it was real. Scott and I said yes and she came running towards me to give me a hug. One proud auntie.. she was telling everyone even the lady she never met before helping them guide the boat to the waterfront! Aunt, done.

Saturday after lunch we drove up to Blue Ridge, GA to meet my parents that were traveling to an art festival during their camping trip. Of course they made it difficult to carry these shirts around on a hot day! After we got into the festival I pulled them under a tree. Scott gave them the rolled up shirt. It was kind of funny as they did not open them right away! I asked mom,"Are you going to open them?" So they did.  Dad noticed first and stated that I was recording. Mom kept taking her sweet time, until I heard it,"No way!" Then she started crying, my aunt started crying, I started crying, it was a huge cry-fest! I'm pretty sure I made her year telling her that because mom was in shock the entirety of the rest of the day. It was cool :) Grandparents #2, done.


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