Secret Secret, I've Got a Secret

Let me tell you how hard it was to keep this baby a secret for nearly a month. First off, I have a strong bond with my parents, and in some cases I had to lie (a first since I was a young kid!). I think the hardest parts were during the weekends when I would spend a majority of my time with them. I will say though, Kim stayed with me through the month and supported me both physically and psychologically! I may have gone crazy without her!

Let me tell you about some of the interesting conversations I had...

My mom has a formal living room that is sort of a talking room, in the sense that people always sit around and have good conversations. So one Saturday we are sitting in the room and she tells me her friend was asking if I was pregnant. I'm pretty sure my ears turned red, but I played dumb. They had just planned a baby shower for a co-worker and were talking about the next one being mine! I laughed and said she will need to wait for Scott to get back before even thinking about that!

Another weekend I had both my father, father-in-law, mom, and Kim at my house. We were putting up my fence. Kim and I knew I couldn't lift anything heavy so she did most of the heavy lifting and I did most of the "would you like some water" retrieving. It was pretty funny! I think we did a good job of making it look like I was busy! Needless to say, dad though I was a little lazy!

I think Mothers Day was the worst. By this time, I had known for 2.5 weeks. My church held a Mamapalooza where each mother received a cupcake and a flower but I restrained myself! Then we went to eat breakfast with some family and everyone was asking me at the table when I would celebrate mother's day. My response: whenever God blesses me with a baby. Priceless, I know! The worst part was having a huge family get together, even Scotts family, at my house - the perfect opportunity to tell them but I kept my mouth shut.


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